The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night
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  • Krome Studios
  • Amaze Entertainment (Nintendo DS & GBA versions only)
  • Sierra Entertainment
  • Activision Blizzard
Genre: Platform; Fantasy Adventure
Rating: (E) Everyone

Gameboy Advanced, Nintendo DS, Playstation 2, Xbox


Single Player


[edit] Background

This is the second game in The Legend of Spyro triology, taking place shortly after the end of A New Beginning.

[edit] The Story

you are in a dream. it shows you what happened in a new beginning. the battle with cynder. then you wake up, spark is really happy, because cynder has run away. the story starts with you looking for her. you find her, she tells you she does not belong there, runs of again... a few moments later, spyro collapses, and enters the fire dream, where we meet (the voice of...) the chronicler, who helps spyro to unlock his fire ability, and the new one: Time, spyro can now slow down time at will. You then are told about the coming darkness: the eternal night.

Then you wake up, and realise the temple is under attack... you turn around, and see the exit blocked off... you have to take the long way back to the temple. you have to go through the undergrowth (part of the temple)the long way around, then you have to face some monkeys, etc:spiders... then you get to the temple, and you see Ignitus fighting some enemies, he beats most of them, then you have to join in, you, once you have beaten the monkeys... have to fight an assassin, he'll be on a dreadwing... shoot him out of the sky...

after all of this, Ignitus will realise that Cynder is missing. and looks into the pool of visions in search of her. he does not see her, but sees spyro at the base of a giant tree. Spyro admits to having that tree in his nightmare, then mentions the Chronicler, and the others ask spyro to go to the silver river to find the tree... thinking that's where they will get answers... so he sets out for silver rive, then to the ancient grove... fight your way through... halfway in... you will collapse again and enter the ice dream...

learn how to use your ice bombs... then once out the dream, use them to cross the river... or, up it... once you get to a part nearly at the end, you will meet the assassin again, repeat what you did before, and your off... carry on up, untill you reach the tree... then it will be revealed that the boss of that level is Aborick... beat him, then the scavengers will knock you out and put you on there ship: Fellmuth Arena...

your now high in the sky, then you are made to fight... first up: blundertails. beat them, then you will collapse again... and enter the Earth dream... go through that, you wake up, and find out mole-yair is on the ship, he passes a note to you... from Hunter of Avalar (he will appear in the last game...) then you are made to fight again, next up: ravage rider... the trick is to make him crash into the wall by standing in the middle then dodging... making him crash...

beat him, then the Excutionair, then... having beaten all, you have to face Cynder... she refuses to fight... but before either of you can come up with a plan, some dark apes come and take away cynder, leaving a way out for spyro and sparxs.

[edit] Gameplay

significantly harder. tough, but really fun. all the levels are tough. new beginning was really easy compared to this one. the enemies are a lot smarter,and tougher... it always takes a while to complete the game first time.

[edit] extra Features

you have a new power: time. all breath attacks are different-different power and range (electric tornado is the best by far.) better storyline- lasts longer, took me 2 days to complete first time, now 3 hours.T.L you have an art gallery - unlock concept art. im up to 150 piccys T.L the cut-scenes are really good.

you can unlock dark spyro by beating the 5 dragon challenges once you have completed the game. (Dark Spyro has only convexity energy and fury... really strong...)Dark Spyro also doesn't lose mana when he breathes his fury breath.

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