The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning
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  • Krome Studios
  • Amaze Entertainment (Nintendo DS version only)
  • Sierra Entertainment
  • Activision Blizzard
Genre: Platform; Fantasy Adventure
Rating: (E) Everyone

Game Boy Advance, Gamecube, Mobile Phone, Nintendo DS, Playstation 2, Xbox


Single Player

[edit] The Start of the Story

Spyro is seen playing a game of hide and seek with Sparx. Sparx leads Spyro towards a restricted area, and to a dead end. Sparx shortly gets captured by Cynder's minions. After a short fight, Spyro saves Sparx after learning to breathe fire. Another short fight and the brothers leave and go back home.

Sparx and Spyro explain to their parents (who are dragonflies) what happened. Their "parents" are two dragonflies whose names are Nina and Flash. Nina's color scheme is mainly pink, and Flash's is mainly blue, although both have a sparkling green aura about them.

They know Spyro is telling the truth and reveal that they adopted him. One day an egg came floating down the river. Shocked, the couple didn't know what to do. The egg hatched, and Spyro was born. Spyro believed he was a dragonfly, so this naturally came as a crushing blow. He decides that he has to find his true home. Sparx catches up to Spyro and is angry since Spyro isn't taking Sparx with him, and most likely hurt because Spyro is not his actual brother. Sparx leaves in annoyance, and after Spyro listens to some words from his adoptive parents, leaves to find his home, thus beginning his journey. Sparx ends up joining him.

A screenshot of Spyro attacking a Bulb Spider with his fire breath attack on one of the console editions of the game.

[edit] Gameplay

Although you fully control Spyro in this new adventure, this Spyro game is...different from the rest. For starters, Spyro doesn't learn fire from the beginning of the game. He learns it shortly into the beginning. Second, he has a breath bar, telling him how much energy he has. Once this bar is empty, Spyro loses the ability to breath until he gets some more energy from green gems. Spyro also has a health bar, instead of Sparx being his health bar. Red gems replenish this energy. Spyro has also learned to fight physically. Now he can fight with his body and breath. Dashes have been shortened, are are much harder to control. The biggest features are the ability to learn new breath elements. Besides fire, Spyro can learn Ice, Lightning and Earth breaths. Now he has 'bombs' they could be called. Spyro can send orbs of energy depending on his element towards the enemy. They range in effects, from spinning the enemy into the air, to freezing them solid, to whipping up a tornado and squashing them. The greatest thing is his knowledge of fury attacks. These harm all on-screen enemies, and the bar can be filled by purple gems. These breath abilities can be upgraded by gaining blue gems.

[edit] Features

  • Long levels, which may take hours to beat. There are 6 in total.
  • Between two levels are rail shooters.
  • Melee attacks if your breath energy runs out.
  • 4 kinds of gems to collect.(red - health, green - magic/breath, purple - fury, blue - spirit.)
  • Fury attacks to harm all on-screen enemies.
  • Bosses are a bit harder than previous games.
  • Infinite tries, due to having no lives, although there is a checkpoint system.
  • four breath attacks: fire, ice, electric, and earth (though at the end you use convexity energy.)

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