Summer Forest

Summer Forest is the first homeworld in Spyro 2. The world acts as a hub, from which the player can access a variety of levels. Summer Forest is also a level within itself, with four orbs and four hundred gems to collect.


[edit] Orbs

[edit] Hunter's Challenge

Hunter's challenge is very simple, and serves as an introduction to the basic gameplay needed to complete other levels.

Hunter can be found near the lake. Talk to him, and he will challenge Spyro to jump across a series of obstacles. When you reach the last one, Hunter will give you an orb.

[edit] On a Secret Ledge

[edit] Atop a Ladder

You will need to return to this level after learning to climb in Autumn Plains. Once you can climb ladders, simply return to Summer Forest, and head to the second part of the level, near the Sunny Beach portal. There, climb the ladder next to Elora, and explore the ledge which goes around the top of the area. You will find the Orb and ten red gems.

[edit] Behind the Door

[edit] Levels Available

Summer Forest acts as a hub to the following levels;

[edit] Skills Learnt

Spyro can learn to swim by paying Moneybags five hundred gems, near the lake.

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