Spyro 2

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage
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  • Insomniac Games

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Release Dates: Flag of Japan.png March 16th, 2000
Flag of the United States.png November 2nd, 1999
Flag of Europe.png November 5th, 1999
Flag of Australia3.png November 5, 1999
Genre: Platform; Fantasy Adventure
Ratings: ESRB: (E) Everyone

Playstation, Playstation Network


Single Player


[edit] Background

Spyro 2 is the second Spyro title to be brought to the Playstation. It has also been made available on the PSN. The full title is Gateway to Glimmer in Europe, referencing the specific world to which Spyro is first transported.

[edit] The Start of the Story

Spyro starts his adventure in the Dragon World with his colleague Sparx where it is currently raining. Frustrated at this, Spyro and Sparx decide to take the portal to Dragon Shores for a vacation, but unfortunately he is intercepted and directed to another location by The Professor, Hunter the Cheetah and Elora the Faun who are trying to get a Dragon to their world, Avalar, to stop Ripto, who is trying to take over. Spyro is dragged in to help and unable to say no... and this is where the story begins.

[edit] Gameplay

You play as Spyro himself, and in order to save the day you must discover and explore three different Homeworlds of Avalar. On the way you will defeat opponents, find stolen treasure, and help friends who are in trouble. After finishing a level, you will collect one of fourteen talismans and return to the home area, where the portals to other realms are found.

[edit] Sparx

Spyro uses a basic life system. Sparx will protect Spyro from several hits, his colour fading from yellow, to blue, to green, until he disappears altogether. When Sparx is unable to protect Spyro, Spyro is vulnerable, and the next injury will result in Spyro's death.

Sparx healthy can be recovered by killing the small creatures which roam around Avalar. These consist of creatures such as sheep, frogs, or ladybirds. When they are killed, they release a butterfly, which is eaten by Sparx. If Sparx has disappeared, then he will magically appear instead of a butterfly.

Every tenth butterfly will be multi-coloured, and result in an extra life. The player does not need to put any effort into capturing these butterflies - when Sparx is close enough, he will begin chasing them automatically, and will always catch them.

These multi-coloured butterflies will also appear trapped in glass bottles throughout the game. Spyro can smash these, and Sparx will catch them. If Sparx is dead, the butterfly will, again, turn into the dragonfly. The player will still gain an extra life.

[edit] Collectibles

There is a total of 10,000 gems and 64 orbs to collect within the game. There are also a number of Skill Points available within the game. The player is not told what these are beforehand, although skill points earned are recorded in the guidebook. Each time one is achieved, the player earns an extra life.

[edit] Features

  • Sequel to kid-friendly adventure game Spyro the Dragon
  • New sidequests to complete
  • Several Hidden areas to explore.
  • Play minigames like hockey, ride a sub, fire cannons and more.
  • More then 100 new characters to meet.
  • Music by Stewart Copeland who was part of famous band The Police.
  • Jump, swim, and fly
  • Many new moves

[edit] Homeworlds

The homeworlds in Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer consist of Summer Forest, Autumn Plains, and the Winter Tundra. Each has a number of portals which lead to other levels. These levels all contain specific objectives, which will enable to player to earn Talismans, or, in later levels, Orbs. Orbs can also be earned by completing lesser tasks in each level.

Levels consist of the following;

[edit] Summer Forest

[edit] Autumn Plains

[edit] Winter Tundra

These levels do not have talismans - instead, they offer orbs as the final prize.

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