Homeworlds of Avalar

Avalar is the world Spyro is transported to in Spyro 2. It has three homeworlds, each of which is unlocked after defeating the boss of the previous world. The homeworlds are as follows;

[edit] Summer Forest

Summer Forest is a gentle land, warm land, with rivers and lakes to swim in, and a wall or two to climb.

[edit] Autumn Plains

Autumn Plains is the second homeworld which is unlocked after defeating Crush. Another peaceful level, Autumn Plains is permanently in fall season and has many towers and buildings to climb and explore. The remainder of the fourteen talismans are collected in the sublevels of this world.

[edit] Winter Tundra

Winter Tundra is the third and final homeworld of Avalar which is unlocked after defeating Gulp. As the name suggests, it is permanently snowy and winter in Winter Tundra. There are no talismans to collect in the sublevels here, only orbs which must be collected to unlock new levels and eventually unlock the boss fight with Ripto.

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