[edit] Overview

Glimmer is the first world that Spyro encounters, and it is where the game starts. Glimmer is a miner's mine over-run by dinosaurs.

Special Requirements to Complete: Climb

[edit] Species

Gem-Cutters: Mole-human creatures

[edit] Enemies

The enemies in this world consist of:

Pick-Axe Dinosaurs Difficulty: 0.5/10 Appearance: Blue, standing of hind legs, holding a pick-axe in one hand Way to kill: Any way

Pounders Difficultly: 2/10 Appearance: Redish-Magenta, big, standing on hind legs, hammer in one hand Way to kill: Flame only!

[edit] Objectives

Talisman: Pick-axe Get through the level safely to the last inside portion.

Orb 1: Kill Lizards: Follow the mole around, and shoot the lizards with rocks

Orb 2: Light up down-crystal: Fly around the cavern, flaming all the hanging gems

Orb 3: Light up the up-crystal: Fly around the last outside court yard, flaming the gems on poles


1/10 Very Easy

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